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Charities & Universities

I support Economic Empowerment of Women and the Hispanic Community. Through a framework I've developed and noted below, I plan to focus my volunteer, charitable and enterprising efforts on the endeavors of economic empowerment. 

Below are a few of the organizations I'm passionate about and support.

EAF Economic Empowerment II.png
LGC QR Code.png
Nexus Recovery QR Code to Donate.png
UT QR Code for Giving.png
UWMD WOT QR Code.png

Media Inquiries

Rachel C. Ybarra, CPA, advocates for women and Hispanics to help close the wealth gap. She understands the power of investing and business ownership to change the trajectory of families and generations. Rachel contributes to articles, podcasts, and online media offering advice and inspiring others through her personal and professional success.

If you would like Rachel to contribute to your story or to interview her, please submit an email to  or call 214-810-2459, and we will get in contact with you.

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