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Rachel C. Ybarra, CPA | CGMA

Advancing Economic & Personal Empowerment

25 years leading business transformation & creating shareholder value for a Fortune 20 company.

Senior Leader – two level removed from CEO, AT&T Communications (2017-2019)

15 years as strategic planning & operations partner to senior executive officers.

10 years in roles as a corporate grassroots leader, champion, and advocate. Nationally recognized Top 100 Latina Leader (Apr-22)

28 years of personal investment (public markets, private equity, real estate, and financial instruments).

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Community Leadership

An advocate for women and Hispanics through committee, advisory and board membership which include:

DFW Hispanic 100 Board member

Women of Tocqueville Society - member

United Way Women of Tocqueville – Women & Children’s Fund - donor and advisory council member

Texas Leadership Society - member

UT’s Campaign Ambassador Committee - member

Latina Giving Circle - strategic advisor and committee member

My Leadership Values


The following leadership values are what we strive to achieve and what we seek in others we partner



Reliable and honest in actions, truthful in words and honorable in points of view with a focus on social and economic good. Genuine in intentions, accurate in reporting and authentic in self-reflection.


Knowledge seeker, constantly curious, vast in body of knowledge, mastery of subject matter, scope of knowledge is narrow enough to create a competitive advance, yet vast enough to understand the broader economic, political and social impacts. Mathematically minded, high emotional intelligence, intensely data analytical, financially focused, global point of view and technology immersive.


Creative in building and implementing solutions. Understanding that creativeness is endless in options. Barriers are opportunities to find new frontiers.


Creative in building inspirational and aspirational ideas, goals, and objectives that are based on creating exponential social and economic value to the communities to which we serve. Mentor to others team members through formal and informal mentoring programs.



The ability to do things other say cannot be done.  The ability to perceive ideas, solutions and problems differently than others though without taking shortcuts in cognitive, logical and rational thinking.  The ability to manage fears of failure through experimentation, failing quickly and limiting downside risks.  The ability to be highly influential of others to new ideas and solutions.

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