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Program Pillars

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A community of women who are made of strong character, high integrity, values that create and support others, and leadership that is compassionate, collaborative, and courageous.

The LeadHer Lab Logo


Is sophisticated yet simple allowing our members to focus on the most important aspects that can move members forward as far as they are willing to go all while enjoying a whole life beyond just work.

The LeadHer Lab Logo


We recognizes there is power in numbers and our individual success is built on a collective effort of trusted and capable colleagues, advisors, and confidants. We support each other through thick and thin. 

Online Wealth 

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6-Month Program Content*

Monthly Group Communications

Exercise & Plan Development


Former Fortune 20 Corporate Leader

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* Program runs from October 23, 2023, to May 17, 2024. Holiday breaks for Mid November and Mid December observed.

Building Program

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Learn Personal Finance & Wealth Skills 

Develop Own Financial Plan 1.0

Prepare for Advisor Meetings

Become Strategic on Career Planning

Build Your Wealth

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Best For: Early to mid career female rising leaders who are determined to close the wealth gap and create a career that is flexible on their own terms.

Your Relationship with Money

Current Financial Status - Your Starting Point

Goals & Planning - Beyond the Numbers

Investments - An Investor's Perspective

Your Personal vs Positional Power

Your Value - Economic Valuation Framework

Yourself as an Asset

Debt & Taxes Associated with Investments

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