Creating Financial 

Flexibility & Freedom to 

Embrace Any Future

Helping to Close the Wealth Gap

Financial flexibility and freedom help create capital, unique value, and influence to improve society. 


What kind of good do I imagine? 

Financial freedom from:

influence (seen and unseen)

fear of trying

distractions which prevent us from connecting

Financial freedom to:

say your piece,

make your own decisions,

invest your time in endeavors that are uniquely you and amazingly creative

construct real innovation and value for society

take your time to be in the moment with others

Let's build a future worthy of our embrace.

Beautiful Landscape

"With financial freedom, comes creativity for real innovation and value for society."

Rachel C. Ybarra, CPA | CGMA

What We Do

Business Financial Strategist

Wealth Building Coach

Advanced Mentoring Program


“Leadership is a revealing experience of courage, curiosity, and compassion. It is the highest form of a relationship we have with one another, with society, and with our ethical values.”

Rachel C. Ybarra, CPA | CGMA