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We are an online course program that helps determined female corporate employees close the wealth gap and create a career that is flexible on their own terms.

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A community of early career & rising

corporate women leaders seeking:

  • To climb past the broken rung to advanced leadership

  • To have an investor mindset and perspective

  • To understand and own their personal power

  • To reshape the corporate culture through data & advocacy

  • To close the wealth gap

  • To create a society that expands economically and sustainably for more of our communities.

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Noteworthy Life & Money Stats for Women







Women Die Single

Women's Life Expectancy

Widows & Divorcees Say Women Should Be Involved In Their Money

Meet The Coach

Rachel C. Ybarra, CPA CGMA

What Clients Say

"In my family we never spoke about money. This is a way to learn in a safe and supportive environment with someone that is not only knowledgeable but has proven to be financially savvy in her own life; and is someone easy to confide in due to her exceptional professionalism and level of integrity." - Legal Counsel, Fortune 10 Company

"I have found the best path that helped me feel comfortable walking through and talking about my finances with my family and financial advisor. I also feel stronger asking the financial questions I've wanted to ask but didn't feel I had the proper background knowledge to ask. I feel empowered to make my own decisions and ensure my values align with how I think about my financial future. It's a priceless feeling because, without this course, I would still be thinking small." - Human Resource Professional, Fortune 20 Media Company.

"Rachel is simply incredible. I’ve had several opportunities to interact with her at work, as a client and most importantly as a person. Her leadership and willingness to help people grow is unparalleled. I’m now fortunate to be in one of her programs, in which every interaction has been an extraordinary experience with great depth. I recommend Rachel as mentor, colleague, and professional. One of the best leaders I’ve come across with incredible breadth across many branches of business..." - Corporate Compliance Leader, Fortune 20 Company.

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